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About us


In its journey that started 4 years ago, Monitoring.World has developed into an IT consultancy and cloud solutions company that provides turn-key IT Monitoring and Log Management projects all over the world, adapted to globalization, and provides services through cloud systems in data centers around the world. 

In accordance with its founding philosophy, Monitoring.World provides sales, installation and management consultancy services for all IT Monitoring and APM (Application Performance Monitoring) products that are known in the sector and meets all the needs of its customers in this field with its knowledge and experience.


By sharing its knowledge and experience on open source systems and Linux / UNIX operating systems, it creates stable and high performance working platforms, and responds to the Linux / UNIX consulting needs of companies with "Premium" level of service and information flow through cost-cutting projects.

All of our teammates have been involved in the management of large system groups throughout their professional lives; the same experience, sensitivity and a sense of ownership are always highlighted in Monitoring.World projects and the services we provide.

Monitoring.World adopts customer systems and platforms as their own systems in all the services it provides, and adopts the principle of increasing the service quality to the highest benefit for the organization. For this reason, the Company continues to invest in human resources and technology in order to provide all its services in ‘Premium’ quality.

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