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Monitoring.World wants to gather more information about their systems and solve problems faster. For IT organizations "Log Management" 'On-Site Installation' or 'Cloud Service'.

Are you aware that all the IT systems we manage are constantly trying to communicate with us?


Our systems always talks with us with an uninterrupted flow of information, sometimes through SNMP, sometimes Syslog, sometimes through special TCP / UDP ports, or sometimes through plain text logs stored in folders.


In fact, we can say that we are trying to hear the crumbs of information that will work in a very noisy and talkative IT world… IT monitoring solutions may not always be enough to measure the health and performance of our systems. Therefore, we try to collect and analyze data from all sources that we have the opportunity.


We call this log of events and information flowing through different channels in general definition and çab Log Management asına in the effort to manage and make sense of information. Indeed, measuring and interpreting with logs; has become an increasingly difficult task to cope with. Firewalls, web servers, middle-tier applications, servers, virtualization platforms, portals, business intelligence applications, mobile devices from anywhere, unstructured (millions of unstructured) raining lines of logging before us. While it is possible to find and remove the performance of the system from these logs, system errors that will speed things up if they can be realized and even the consumer behavior patterns that will radically change the marketing and sales strategies of our company, we watch the loss of them. Your logs no longer have to disappear. Let's manage your logs together!

  • Log management prevents you from missing even the smallest event on your systems.

  • Logs help you understand the behavior of systems. The most reliable source for problems that you cannot solve is "Logs".

  • Netflow, Syslog, SNMP trap, Windows event log. JSON, Java stacktrace. We can read them all!

  • Allows software teams to read log and search for errors from a single interface. Are you still experiencing audit findings because your developers have access to Production servers?

  • Our solutions do not have license fees and hidden cost items.

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